Nail or Fail

Last Wednesday I was invited to to an event sponsored by Drambuie called Nail or Fail which was intended to showcase new cocktails created with Drambuie (naturally).  This is something that the company is doing in select cities nationwide to promote the brand and increase awareness of it in a bar setting.  Makes perfect sense to me.  When is Drambuie ever called for except in a Rusty Nail? (magnificent cocktail, btw)

The event itself is what you would expect from a bar event at someplace called Antarctica which I wouldn’t mind going to on a regular night.  It was heaving with people when we were there and it was a little difficult to get a drink.  Still, I was a fan of the dive-ish quality of the place.

The whole Nail or Fail thing was billed as a competition between “star mixologists” who would prepare drinks using Drambuie.  The attendees job was to place a nail in the bucket of the bartender (there were eight) who made the best drink.  Unfortunately, we got there so early that we sipped tall drinks made with Drambuie for an hour including one with pomegranate syrup, one with muddled lime, and one with iced tea.  Each one was very sweet and by the time the actual competition began, I had so much palate fatigue I didn’t think I’d be able to drink any more Drambuie.

We did make a valiant effort to sample one of the competition drinks which contained muddled banana and I believe cream.  Under the right circumstances it could have worked; I’m thinking beaches, heat, umbrella, you get the drill.  After the few sickly sweet drinks we had, it was a fail.  So we headed off to the Pegu Club for some drier cocktails and a quieter atmosphere.  We got both.

I do hope that Drambuie publishes their best cocktails from this competition.  I’d like to sample them here at the house so that we can give them the attention they deserve.  I may find one that I can regularly make instead of just grabbing the bottle when I’m in the mood for a Rusty Nail.

It’s a shame that Drambuie can’t do a Tupperware kind of thing and get people to host Drambuie events in their homes (I’m guessing liability over the alcohol consumption could get messy if it’s sponsored by the company).  I mean, I could get 10-15 people over to my house tomorrow and whip up a tasting of 4 to 5 different cocktails which they could linger over and not be bombarded with house music and big crowds fighting to get to the bar.  And I’m guessing that in that situation people would have a more favorable experience with the brand.  Maybe that’s just me and I’m starting to show my age.

Cheers!  I think I’ll make Rusty Nails tonight.