1970s Spiegelau Paola Glasses

Spiegelau Paola 1970s

Who says the 1970s were a vast wasteland of bad fashion and bad design? Well a lot of people but these glasses are not bad design, in fact they are fantastic. We saw these at a shop that we’ve been to often and I just thought they were a perfect cocktail glass. Yes, they are technically champagne flutes but the shape and cut glass design was too perfect to quibble over size (8oz) when they just looked amazing. I needed to know more about them so I went to Replacements Ltd and asked them. Within a day I had my answer but I didn’t know when they were made so I sent an email to Spiegelau. They were terrific and within a week they told me that it was a pattern they did in the 1970s.

While we were sipping our first cocktail from them QDP made the comment that they looked like water lilies and I think he’s right. Our friend who was over said that they were much better in person than in the photograph.

Speaking of which, yes, QDP almost had a heart attack when he came out and I had them stacked like a pyramid.