Last Night’s Drink -Vieux Carre

QDP accused me of breaking the “no Manhattan” rule, which includes Manhattans and all Manhattan derivatives (On the Rise, 6th Borough, Dewey D, etc) last night. Partly because he took a sip and immediately said Yum and second when I told him the ingredients he said it was basically a Manhattan. True enough, it’s a mix of rye, cognac, and sweet vermouth in about the same proportions as a Manhattan, but I maintain that I followed the spirit of the rule rather than the letter. While this thing really looks like a Manhattan on paper the addition of the lemon twist alone transforms this drink from Manhattan derivative to a year-round sipper that can satisfy in July as well as December. Besides, as a friend mentioned to me “this is a drink that was invented in and that they have all year round in New Orleans and it’s one of the hottest places to live.”

Vieux Carre

1 oz rye
1oz cognac
1 oz sweet vermouth
1/2 tsp Benedictine
2 dashes Angostura bitters
2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

Lemon twist

Shake (I stir) with ice and strain. Garnish with lemon twist.

These ingredients mixed together should taste heavier than they do. I really think it’s that citrus from the lemon that makes this so refreshing but I also find Peychaud’s to be a deliciously sweet bitter if there is such a thing and that could be a contributor.

And if QDP is right and this thing is just a Manhattan derivative then the only thing I can say is that there are exceptions to just about every rule.