Last Night’s Drink – Archibald’s Last Memory

Archibald's Last Memory
Archibald’s Last Memory

This is the opposite of the last cocktail I talked about. Not in terms of taste or success, but it’s an unpublished cocktail that we got one night from one of our favorite bartenders at one of our very favorite bars. And it’s amazing.

As one friend recently described it, “This is the most complex thing I’ve ever put in my mouth!” And he was right. This cocktail is a masterpiece of layer and is able to take a hefty amount of Fernet Branca and transform it into an almost mellow ingredient. Truly a remarkable feat.

Archibald’s Last Memory*

XX Rittenhouse Rye
XX Fernet Branca
XX Benedictine
XX Maraschino Liqueur

Stir. Flamed orange peel. Orange twist. Double Rocks Glass NO ICE in glass.

The first sip of this cocktail is like being wrapped in an orange scented blanket while being chilled by the minty/herbally Fernet tamed by the sweet Benedictine and Marschino all being supported by the spicy rye. It’s like the rye is a load bearing ingredient holding up all the others. I love Fernet and this is one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had with that ingredient. It’s tough to tone down such an aggressive ingredient and still retain the essence of the original ingredient. This is why I love cocktails so much! The whole is significantly greater than the individual parts.

Visit the Flatiron Lounge. They create some fantastic one of a kind cocktails.

*I respect bartenders who hand out unpublished recipes and do not publish proportions but just what’s available on the menu card.